Hip injuries and other problems with your hips — like osteonecrosis, bursitis, arthritis, tendinopathy or a labral tear — are painful conditions. When your hips hurt, no position relieves your discomfort. Surgery used to be your only option, but today, you can take advantage of the less invasive and less expensive stem cell therapy. Regenerative therapy uses your own body’s resources to repair the damage.

The largest joint in your body, your hips carry your weight, supporting your spine. When something happens to cause injury or degradation to your hip joints, you may experience continuing or chronic pain. The pain may be acute or sharp, dull or aching. When your hips cause pain, chances are the discomfort won’t disappear on its own. You need to visit a doctor.

Your doctor determines the cause of your hip pain by examining you for weakness, asking you questions about a recent injury and discovering what makes your pain better or worse. After making a diagnosis, your physician may suggest surgery, but that option should always be your last resort. You have many other alternatives for controlling pain and for repairing the damage to your hips, including the exciting new treatments with stem cell therapy that New York pain specialist Dr. Leon Reyfman provides.

Types of Hip Injuries Vary

Your hips can be injured in a number of ways, and the pain can occur in one or both of your hips. Common hip injuries result from:

  • Falling on your hip and breaking a bone
  • Fracturing your pelvis in an accident
  • Dislocating your hip, in which the top of your femur slips out of position

All of these injuries lead to pain that needs to be treated. But instead of surgery or steroidal pain injections, learn about stem cell therapy for hips, which uses your own body’s stem cells, taken from your bone marrow, to actually repair the bone, cartilage or soft tissue. Stem cell therapy has proven results, as administered by your NYC stem cell specialist.

In regenerative cellular therapy, your stem cells are injected into your hip area, maybe even in the joint, where they get to work. Stem cells are immature cells that can become bone cells, tendon cells, cartilage cells or even soft tissue cells, as needed, to help your joint heal from the inside out. It’s a natural process aided by the stem cell therapy.

Types of Hip Conditions

There are many other causes of hip pain besides injury that also may benefit from stem cell therapy. Talk to an experienced New York pain management specialist about:

  • Bursitis is when the sacs of fluid that normally lubricate the joint become inflamed.
  • A labral tear, also called a labrum tear, is a tear in the cartilage surrounding the joint.
  • Arthritis can strike at any age, although it usually affects people 41 years old and older.
  • Tendinopathy is a disease that causes your tendons to become painfully and chronically inflamed.
  • Osteonecrosis is a painful condition in which the blood supply to your hip bone is cut off for some reason, leading to arthritis and even the death of your pelvic bone.

Osteonecrosis is the most serious of these conditions, since it can lead to total hip replacement surgery if left untreated. If you experience severe or chronic hip pain, see your doctor for a prompt examination. There’s no reason to continue to suffer in pain, and the pain may be a symptom of a serious injury or condition, such as the ones listed above. If the condition is caught in time, stem cell therapy is an excellent treatment option.

Treatment for Arthritis

All the conditions listed above can be treated effectively with stem cell therapy for the hip. The most common hip condition is arthritis. Also called osteoarthritis because it involves the bones of your hip joints, arthritis occurs when the cartilage in your hip joints erode away to the point that your thigh bone is rubbing up against your pelvic bone.

The cartilage in your hips protects your bones, but as you age or if you’re injured severely enough, your cartilage is compromised and erodes away. That condition is called arthritis. You feel pain whenever you move your legs or hips. There’s no comfortable resting position, but movement is more painful. You can get stem cell therapy for hip arthritis or osteoarthritis

Bursitis Treatment

Bursitis is another common condition. Like all the joints in your body, your hips have fluid-filled sacs called bursae. These sacs ordinarily supply flexibility to your joints. But if they become inflamed and irritated, they can cause pain whenever you move. Bursitis is often treated with steroid injections because steroidal medications are anti-inflammatory.

But stem cell therapy also has anti-inflammatory properties. Instead of filling your body with drugs, use your own body resources — stem cells taken from your own bone marrow — to fight the inflammation and pain. Additionally, the stem cell injection doesn’t just mask the pain; it works to correct the underlying issue, generating healthy new cell growth, right where you need it.

Treat the Source, Don’t Mask the Pain

When you’re in pain, you want it to stop. Osteonecrosis, tendinopathy, bursitis and arthritis are painful conditions. A hip injury that results in a break, fraction or dislocation can be extremely painful. A labral tear or a labrum tear are also painful enough to limit your movement and flexibility. Masking your pain, at least temporarily, is a valid first step in most treatment plans. But your treatment shouldn’t ever stop there.

If you’re suffering hip pain, make an appointment with an experienced stem cell specialist in Brooklyn NYC before you opt for surgery. See what regenerative therapy can mean for your painful condition. Reports from patients indicate immediate results and long-term benefits.

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