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Wonderful office – very busy, and with good reason.  Kind and considerate staff – what I wanted from a pain management doctor was someone who was going to give me straight answers (whether they were the answers i wanted or not), someone who was going to try every non-invasive option before just referring me for surgery and someone who was not going to put me on addictive pills.  Thank you to the best doctor, Dr. Reyfman and all of his staff – even when i was at my worst, in pain, confused with post concussion symptoms, they were wonderfully patient and moved my stem cell treatment in the right direction.  Even though my recovery did not go as well as I hoped – my neurosurgeon looked at everything they did and said ‘you really couldn’t ask for anyone better than this’ – my feelings exactly. ~Yelp
I would like to sincerely thank pain management doctors and staff for a great experience at Brooklyn’s office of Pain Physicians NY. Dr. Reyfman, without a doubt, treats his patients like family. He is very friendly person with a great sense of humor, – the feeling of being at a doctor’s office disappears right away. Besides all of his personal qualities, I can not to mention his professionalism and expertise at what he does the best! He is a wonderful stem cell therapist with gold hands and a big heart! Thank you one more time. ~Yelp
Doctor Reyfman is wonderful very attentive and kind.. Omg I was in heaven when I went to see him. He explained every thing about stem cell therapy to me and helped me to understand things that I didn’t understand. I will always come here for my pain management.. So glad that Allah blessed me with this great doctor. ~Yelp
All I can say is WOW… thank God I found this place! I’ve worked at a desk for 60 hours a week for the past 10 years, and it really started to take a toll on my back just this year. Through a good recommendation from a buddy of mine, I went to go see Dr. Reyfman and I am finally starting to be able to sleep at night again. Best pain management doctor. Bravo Dr. Reyfman! ~Yelp
I was a little apprehensive about my visit, but recurring back pain problems led me to check this place out. I was happy with the service I received – the doctor explained everything he did as he did it, why he was doing it, and talked me through everything, telling me beforehand if I might feel some discomfort and that I should tell him if it hurt at all. After he was done, he showed me exercises to do to strengthen my back and to decrease discomfort going forward, to encourage certain muscles to work harder and discourage others from working so hard. It was totally worth the visit. ~Yelp
I really enjoyed this visit. I was informed thoroughly of my options and what the process would be like with my insurance. This doctor did a lot of things my previous doctor did not and that made me feel secure about the choice I made to have stem cell therapy for back pain . The office is really nice and the staff is great as well. I literally only have to walk 1 minute to get here I love it! This place will definitely get you on track with things! ~ZocDoc
Dr. Reyfman is one of the best doctors I have ever seen!!! He is absolutely the best!!! He was very kind and helped make me feel comfortable even while getting a painful injection. After going through many pain management doctors I am happy to find a good doctor that is caring and an office I didn’t have to wait 2 hours to see the doctor. I highly recommend Dr . Reyfman! ~ZocDoc
The doctor and his staff explain everything and have a great bedside manner. Despite being full for new patients they worked with me to adjust the appointment slightly to squeeze me in without making me wait too long. Thankfully, his other patients were quite friendly and everyone was chatting back and forth despite being strangers. ~ZocDoc
The doc was great, I was nervous because I was told I needed a cortisone shot immediately for my knee pain, and he recommended physical therapy first and suggested other alternatives for my back pain including stem cell therapy for knees. The shot might not be needed. He answered all my questions. Very knowledgeable !! ~ZocDoc
Dr. Reyfman is without a doubt one of the best pain management Dr’s in the country. His hand picked staff is 2nd to none. His physician assistants ( D. Ostrovskiy ) are the best this country has to offer. Everyone at his office, from maintenance personnel to the doctors are extremely knowledgeable and kind. Once you go there, you’ll never want place else. Top star quality service.
Not only that the office is clean and neat, but the staff that works is professional and very nice. The atmosphere in the office is very positive and pleasant. Dr. Reyfman is excellent, professional of what he’s doing. Remembers each and every patient and their diagnosis. Humanity in this person is on the highest level I’ve ever seen.


As a best in class Brooklyn pain management doctor, Dr. Leon Reyfman provides highly personalized and comprehensive pain relief. His philosophy regarding the doctor/patient relationship is based on trust and has earned him one of the most respected reputations in Brooklyn.

For more information about the stem cell therapy, regenerative therapy or conditions we treat including back, hip, shoulder, neck pain or to schedule a consultation with the pain management doctor, Dr. Leon Reyfman, please contact our Brooklyn office.

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