Stem cell therapy for knees not only repairs your knees from the inside, but it can also prevent you from needing invasive surgery. Stem cell treatment for knees involves extracting stem cells from your own bone marrow, followed by stem cell injections for knee pain. Your knee doctor in Brooklyn NYC has witnessed remarkable improvement in other patients. Ask about stem cell knee therapy today.

Your knees bear most of your body weight and provide you with the ability to move freely. Without healthy knees, you can’t enjoy your life to the fullest. When you suffer from knee osteoarthritis or a knee injury, consider all your alternatives before heading down the path to surgery. Knee replacement surgery is a serious and sometimes life-changing treatment option; once you have it, you can’t undo it.

Surgeries range from minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery, which is relatively common, to a total knee joint replacement. Studies suggest that many arthroscopic surgeries, including torn meniscus surgery, offer little to no long-term benefit. In fact, they sometimes leave your knee more damaged, sensitive and fragile.

Full knee replacement surgery is traumatic to your body. It requires a long period of downtime for a full recovery. There’s also risk of infection, as there is with every type of surgery. Opting for surgery can leave you with limited mobility and pain for months. In some cases, surgery may even accelerate the degeneration of your knee. Instead, consider stem cell therapy for knees over surgery.

Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Conditions

Common knee conditions include osteoarthritis, meniscus tears and ACL tears. Osteoarthritis is the degeneration of the knee cartilage and surrounding bone as they rub together. Another common condition that requires stem cell knee therapy are tears in the meniscus cartilage due to injury. Surgery was once the go-to treatment option for meniscus tears, but now it’s thought to cause more harm than good.

ACL tears in your knee are injuries that used to require surgery. Doctors thought surgery was the best option for their patients because the prevailing science showed that ACL tendons wouldn’t heal on their own. But stem cell injections for knee ACL tears have shown promising results. Stem cell therapy for knees has shown that ACLs do heal — and heal faster — with this minimally invasive procedure.

Get Your Life Back with Stem Cell Treatment for Knees

All three knee conditions that previously required surgery can now be treated first with stem cell knee therapy. Stem cell injections offer the opportunity to give your knee a chance to heal itself in a low-risk procedure. Make sure you’ve exhausted all other options when you talk with your doctor about your knee pain. Be certain you don’t head down a path you can’t turn back from.

Knee Replacement Surgery Risks

Knee replacement surgery, like most surgery, comes with serious health risks. In addition to the long recovery time and extensive physical therapy you have to endure, there’s a good chance that you won’t be entirely healed. In seniors, the risks associated with anesthesia also increase and could lead to cardiovascular problems and long-lasting repercussions. Before going through a knee replacement surgery it’s required to bring ECGs (electrocardiograms) or if you are seeing a cardiologist you need to provide the name of the cardiology provider and their contact information.

Beyond the risk of complications or even death, other concerns of knee replacement surgery include:

  • Increased risk of heart attack
  • Increased risk of ulcers
  • Potential for your body to reject the replacement
  • Persistent pain after replacement surgery
  • Decreased activity level after surgery
  • The exorbitant cost of the knee replacement procedure

There’s no doubt that the risk of knee replacement surgery is high. If you are relatively young, it’s even more important to avoid knee replacement surgery if at all possible because it can permanently impact the rest of your life. On the other hand, stem cell injections have become a viable treatment option for all knee conditions. Get the facts about stem cell therapy for knees instead of surgery.

Surgery Only for Severe Cases

The scariest part about knee replacement surgery is there’s no turning back once you’ve committed. While it’s not helpful to overly worry about the risks of knee surgery, it’s important to explore the full range of options available to you. Make sure you talk in detail with your knee doctor in NYC to be completely sure that you’ve exhausted all other possibilities before knee surgery.

For some people, surgery may be the most obvious choice. For the most severe cases of knee osteoarthritis and injury, partial or full knee replacement surgery is the only viable option. But everyone else should really explore all other options before agreeing to surgery. Stem cell injections for knee osteoarthritis is a newer option that’s safe and effective. And stem cell treatment for knee conditions potentially offer long-lasting relief — even a lifetime of pain-free living — with little to no downtime.

Don’t sacrifice your mobility by unnecessarily agreeing to knee surgery. The world of medicine is improving daily by leaps and bounds — and the area of stem cell treatments is no exception. Discuss your full range of options with your knee doctor in NYC to be sure you’ve exhausted all possibilities before opting for knee surgery. By taking the extra steps to inquire about alternatives, you may potentially prevent a lifetime of pain and immobility from surgery. Instead, choose stem cell knee repair.

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