If you suffer an injury or ailment to your foot or ankle, you lose not only mobility, but also the ability to work and live your life to the fullest. Foot or ankle damage can lead to a permanent disability. Ankle stem cell therapy relieves your pain while repairing the joint, whether it’s due to bone, cartilage or ligament damage. Stem cell therapy for ankle arthritis can actually reverse your condition.

Stem Cell Therapy For Foot and AnkleFoot and ankle pain restricts your daily activities and overall sense of well-being. Whether it’s caused by disease, age or accident, the result is the same — frustration. And it only gets worse if left untreated. Treatment often includes surgery, which makes your recovery process long and difficult. Cortisone shots can be effective for short-term relief, but if the source of your pain isn’t treated, the inflammation can return.

Ankle stem cell therapy has become a safer, more practical option by proving its efficacy for injuries and diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. Stem cell injections encourage your body to heal itself naturally and safely. This process gets you on the road to recovery faster by making it easier for you to walk that road.

How Stem Cell Therapy Works

As you age, you don’t produce as many cells as needed to sustain every part of your body. Joint injury depletes cells that protect cartilage, bone, or soft tissue. Stem cells are adaptable cells with the potential to mimic the environment they’re exposed to. Drawn from your bone marrow, they’re injected at the site of your pain, replenishing the area by replacing degenerated tissue, thus helping heal your body.

Ankle stem cell therapy works from the inside out. Stem cells contain a lubricating agent called hyaluronic acid, which greases your joints, allowing you to move more freely. They hold anti-inflammatory properties, easing your pain.

Things to Consider

While stem cell therapy has existed for almost 40 years, the process of using bone marrow stem cells is still fairly new. But research, in Brooklyn NYC and elsewhere, has produced remarkable results. Consider the benefits:

  • Because of anti-inflammatory ingredients such as cytokines, healing occurs naturally, requiring no steroids.
  • Stem cell injections promote new cell growth.
  • The procedure doesn’t require major surgery, allowing for a shorter recovery time.
  • Stem cells can slow degeneration of tissue.

The Risks of Stem Cell Therapy

Groundbreaking procedures such as stem cell therapy and regenerative therapy require research, trials and data before being introduced to the mainstream medical field. To date, many studies indicate high success rates and very few adverse effects. The probability for complications from the procedure is slim to none, and generally described as:

  • Soreness
  • Inflammation
  • Small reactions with the stem cells

Ankle stem cell therapy can be used safely for a wide variety of procedures. When it comes to healing your foot or ankle, a stem cell treatment gives much more freedom than doubt. You can take the next step forward on your path to healing with confidence.

Before You Proceed…

Consult your doctor to see if you’re eligible for stem cell therapy, as there are many factors to consider in making your decision. Treatments vary with your condition. Common questions about the procedure include:

  • Does the treatment use amniotic stem cells? Current, acceptable stem cell treatments rely strictly on your own stem cells extracted from your bone marrow. No amniotic stem cells are needed, and you don’t have to worry about your body rejecting the stem cells because they come from your own body.
  • Does the treatment involve Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)? Another option to treat foot and ankle pain, PRP relies on the plasma in your blood to encourage cell growth. This procedure has more specific qualifications — from blood composition, processing and more. Future injections are possible with this choice.
  • Are there any lingering effects? Some patients report minor things like water retention or dullness in the first few weeks. Your condition improves over time through diet, patience and a gradual return to normal mobility.

The Cost of Ankle Stem Cell Therapy

Costs for treatment have many variables and can vary by region and the extent of your medical issues. Keep in mind that the cost of stem cell therapy is far less than the cost of surgery — both in actual dollars and in recovery times. And if you need stem cell therapy for ankle arthritis, you’ll find the cost comparable to other arthritis therapies.

However, insurance companies don’t yet pay for the procedure. So talk to your New York stem cell specialist and insurance provider about prequalification. Your medical history is the major factor in this decision.

The Ankle Stem Cell Therapy Procedure

Whether you need stem cell therapy for ankle arthritis, regenerative therapy for foot ailments or stem cell treatment for nerve damage, the procedure is the same. The treatment takes less than an hour in your specialist’s NYC office. Stem cells are drawn from your bone marrow through a process called aspiration. You may feel a slight sting, but local anesthetics prevent more pain.

You rest while the cells are processed, usually by centrifuge. When they’re ready, your New York stem cell expert injects them at the site of your pain. Many people report improvements within 48 hours.

What to Expect in Recovery

Once the foot or ankle stem cell treatment is concluded, take it easy for a few days. Your doctor may suggest limited activity during the first two weeks. Then you may slowly increase activity over the next month. You may need a follow-up visit with your stem cell doctor to discuss your recovery.

Stem cell treatment isn’t a youth-restoring serum. While it helps regenerate old tissue, it doesn’t cure diseases like osteoarthritis. You may still need to continue pain management.

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