If you’re feeling lower back pain, the problem may actually originate in your hips. Labral tears of the hip, hip pain in runners and hip flexor pain are debilitating conditions. But you can take advantage of tested hip pain treatments. Hip labral tear treatment, hip flexor pain treatment and treatment for hip pain in general are all available through stem cell therapy treatments.

Hip pain affects millions every year. It can be a source of immense discomfort and decreased mobility. Along with your spine, your hips are the load-bearing bones in your body. Hip joints can withstand shocks, twists and a fair amount of wear and tear. But eventually, either the joint wears down or your hip gets injured.

When your hips hurt, you can’t escape the pain; every position feels uncomfortable. Standing, sitting, even lying down can’t stop the pain, and as a result, you feel miserable, and it affects your attitude and everyday life. You may suffer from:

  • Severe hip pain
  • Hip flexor pain
  • Labral tears of the hip
  • Hip pain in runners

Some treatment options simply mask your symptoms. Others involve intrusive procedures, as well as painful and lengthy recovery times. Stem cell therapy for hip arthritis and hip injury is proving very effective with minimal side effects.

Many Conditions Cause Hip Pain

If you’re middle-aged or older, chances are your hip pain is caused by arthritis. Age, overuse and repetitive motion over a lifetime can deteriorate the cartilage in your joint. Because arthritis begins as mild pain and stiffness, your Brooklyn NYC doctor likely recommends the most conservative methods to treat your condition.

But depending on your diagnosis, other treatment options may better ease your pain and prevent further damage. The medical conditions that cause hip pain include:

  • The most common reason for severe hip pain, arthritis appears when the cartilage in your hip has worn away to the point that bone is rubbing on bone. It usually starts out as mild discomfort and progresses. Sometimes, it occurs at the site of an old injury.
  • Hip flexor pain. This pain comes from a torn hip flexor muscle. Athletes and runners experience this type of injury more than anyone else, although weekend warriors are susceptible. With a torn hip flexor, you feel discomfort in your hip and groin, or you may have lower back pain.
  • Labral tears of the hip. These injuries are more common in people who play golf, soccer and hockey or those with structural abnormalities. The labral is the ring of cartilage that follows the outside rim of the socket of your hip joint. It cushions the joint and acts like a rubber gasket to hold the ball of your joint in place.
  • Hip pain in runners. If you ignore an injury, push yourself too hard or practice improper training techniques, you can sustain a repetitive motion injury. Bursitis, stress fractures, labral tears and hip flexor pain are all conditions runners in particular are susceptible to. Address your pain early and give it ample time to heal properly to prevent arthritis.

Treatment Possibilities

Your NYC stem cell specialist advises you on hip pain treatments, such as:

  • Heat and ice, alternating
  • Activity modification to include rest and reduced exercise routines
  • Over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers
  • Prescribed non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
  • Injections of various steroidal medications
  • Stem cell therapy
  • Surgery

Each treatment for hip pain has benefits and disadvantages. Many have negative side effects. For example, heat, ice and activity modification are best used at the earliest stages of arthritis or when the injury is minor. Hip flexor pain treatment often incorporates these most conservative options. OTC and prescribed medications work for a short while, but can harm your digestive system and become less effective over time.

Steroid injections introduce an artificial substance into your body with the risk of adverse reaction. Like pain killers, steroids can only be used a certain number of times due to the side effects and risk of tendon rupture. These treatments also only mask your symptoms temporarily.

Surgery carries risks associated with general anesthesia and infection. A long and painful recovery, most likely involving physical therapy, awaits you afterward. Labral tear hip treatment sometimes includes surgery. Surgery should only be pursued if all other options have failed.

Proven Stem Cell Treatments

Stem cell therapy repairs and rejuvenates the damaged bone, cartilage and soft tissue in your hips. As immature cells located in your bone marrow, stem cells are the basic natural building blocks of healing. When you’re young, stem cells travel to injured areas to heal them. But as you age, this process slows down.

Stem cell treatment takes these stem cells and puts them directly at the source of your pain. Stem cells help regenerate and regrow damaged tissue. Other benefits of using stem cells include:

  • Your Brooklyn NYC stem cell specialist, like Dr. Leon Reyfman, extracts your own stem cells from your bone marrow, thus ensuring a perfect match and no chance of rejection.
  • With stem cell therapy, there’s no risk of infection.
  • You can undergo multiple treatments, if necessary.
  • Surrounding tissue is not compromised by surgical interference.
  • Stem cell therapy is effective on severe hip pain.
  • Recovery time is the next day, as opposed to several months following surgery.
  • This procedure is much more cost effective than surgical options.
  • The process addresses the cause of your pain, instead of just masking the symptoms.
  • Stem cell therapy can treat both rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis

Stem Cell Therapy Can Work for You

As the largest ball and socket joints in your body, your hips support your spine and head. When they’re compromised, the pain, discomfort and mobility limits seriously affect your quality of life. Traditional treatments work for minor injuries or deterioration, but are usually ineffective for major trauma. Most treatments mask symptoms rather than address the root cause. Some have the side effects of high cost, significant pain and long recoveries.

But by using your body’s own healing building blocks, stem cell therapy targets the underlying cause, regenerating bone and tissue to repair the damage. With virtually no risk of infection, this treatment for hip pain reduces your discomfort, cost and recovery time, while helping you heal.

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